Rules of campaign creation

These rules regulate the cooperation of the Viboom (hereinafter "Viboom") with the client of the Viboom (hereinafter "Advertiser") in the placement of advertisement material (hereinafter "Video") on the sites of Viboom (hereinafter "Sites").

  1. 1The following videos are allowed in Viboom:
    1. 1.1those hosted on YouTube or Vimeo;
    2. 1.2those which don't have any restrictions to be embedded on other sites;
    3. 1.3those which don't have any country limitations for viewing;
    4. 1.4those not violating the domestic and international laws;
    5. 1.5those which don't promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views;
  2. 2Rights and obligations of Viboom
    1. 2.1Viboom has the right to refuse any advertiser's request for video distribution without giving a reason.
    2. 2.2In case of refusal Viboom returns the funds paid by the advertiser in full.
    3. 2.3Viboom guarantees that the Video is placed on that inventory which meets the criteria specified by the Advertiser at the start of the advertisement campaign.
    4. 2.4Viboom is committed to start the advertisement campaign no later than 3 working days after payment is received. In case of delay, Viboom will return all the funds paid back to the advertiser's account.
    5. 2.5Viboom undertakes to monitor the placement quality of the Video on Sites in order to prevent low-quality views.
    6. 2.6Viboom guarantees that all views executed within the network correspond with the view amount of the video host, e.g. YouTube. Additional views that exceed the ordered amount of views do not have to be paid and are considered as a bonus.
    7. 2.7Viboom is committed o promptly respond to emails, phone calls and tickets sent via the console.
  3. 3Rights and obligations of the Advertiser
    1. 3.1The Advertiser guarantees that the Video, added to the advertisement campaign in Viboom, conforms to paragraph 1 of these rules and does not violate them.
    2. 3.2The advertiser has the right to cancel the campaign but only before its start.
    3. 3.3The advertiser must be 18 years or older.
  4. 4Amendment of the rules
    1. 4.1Viboom reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.